Take what is before to move forward


“My name is Eric Gresset and I am half…. French father and mother from Rurutu (Austral) I focus my art on my origins, which makes a mix of French, Rurutu and Irish. I have a strong character and I’m not here to please everyone…” Everything is said… The words reflect the image of the man. In one block. Carved in the mass.

Every year for the Heiva in San Diego, Eric engraves around a hundred mother-of-pearl, all unique. His works will embellish the homes of the winners of this competition. “The trophies reflect my works. We can’t explain them, even I can’t.” For this edition, the theme chosen by the organizers of the Heiva de San-Diego is the ocean.

“To design the trophies I discuss, I observe and I work according to the materials I have at home. I use mother-of-pearl and quality wood. The San Diego Heiva is an opportunity for me to participate in the recognition of Polynesian culture. To promote Polynesian art. And when I say Polynesian, I’m not just talking about Tahiti, I’m talking about the Marquesas, Australs, Tuamotu etc…”

Lack of inspiration… Don’t know. “I am inspired H24. I have a box of my brain entirely devoted to creation. I draw all the time, I sculpt, I tattoo, I engrave, weld, cut, grind. I have a gift, I cannot explain it to myself otherwise “. Hypothesis… “Perhaps it is due to the fact that during my youth I was a bad boy and that after having done bad things, I am condemned to redeem myself by doing good things”.

He who defines himself as a “little link in Polynesian culture” has the motto… “Take what is before to move forward”. Take inspiration from the tupuna (elders) to move forward. Eric has it all figured out. A culture or an art which does not question itself, which rests on its achievements, is condemned to end up in folklore.

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Interview of the artist G.Rick by Teva Victor

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